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With The Spring Market upon real estate firms everywhere, one stands out: Bentley’s Real Estate.

How do we do this? We are at the vanguard of using only the best of cutting edge technology to get sellers homes sold. Year to date, Bentley’s is getting homes sold at a rate of one home just over every-other-day! AMAZING! Take a look at just a small sample of our homes SOLD this year alone, from first-time home buyers to luxury estates, we cover it all.

Many readers may ask: “What is Bentley’s doing what others are not?” It’s really no secret actually, we here at Bentley’s simply get your home in front of more buyers in a way no one else can or does. In fact, we already have nearly thirty-thousand possible buyers in our database, some who may be looking for a home just like yours! What else makes Bentley’s so special? When we list your home, you receive the Bentley’s signature “Experience Elevated” from all of our Realtors®. We also present your home in a way that engages buyers to want to buy your home, especially through video presentation. Still not convinced? Take a look at our listing video below. If you’re still not convinced about who to list your home with, we’re certain after watching our video, you will want to list with Bentley’s.

If you’re not sure what your home is worth, you can always use our “Home Evaluation” tool. The tool isn’t an exact science, but a Bentley’s Realtor® can come to your home and provide a FREE Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) on your home to be better informed as to your home value. Our agents will discuss the various processes about selling your home, and after consulting with our agent, you can decide if selling your home is right for you. We will never make the decision to buy or sell a home for you, but we’ll help get you there!

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