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Summer is over and turning the clocks back for that extra hour of sleep is fast upon us. Know what else is coming? Snow. Some readers don’t mind as they will be leaving the cold weather for warmer pastures. However, most of us will continue to do what hearty New Englander’s do: Carry on. Not so bad if you’re a Boston Bruins or New England Patriots fan, or waiting for that first heavy snow to hit the ski slopes, it’s a great time of year and season. Even better, because as of this writing, The Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series!

With that said, if you’re tired of winters, and cleaning off your car every morning after an overnight snowfall, we here at Bentley’s Real Estate have a solution. Find a home with a garage! We have put together a list of 40 homes, in Essex County, with an attached garage! No more having to get up earlier than needed just to go out into the cold darkness (for those that leave early in the AM), just to clean off your car! What’s special about this list? All these homes are affordably priced, $350K to $500K!

Here are some photo’s of homes with a garage that Bentley’s has recently sold:

If you don’t want to thumb through a list or pages, Bentley’s made this easy for you as well! Just click on the “map” option and you can go directly to the area you might be interested in. It’s that easy! See below:

Well, that’s it for now folks. Always remember, REALTOR’S® at Bentley’s Real Estate won’t make the decision of whether to buy or sell a home for you, but we’ll help get you there. Until next time, enjoy this magical time of year with all four (4) of our Boston area sports teams playing at the same time! Bring on Winter!

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